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Toxic Ingestion at our Vet clinic in East Islip

Oh No – My Pet Just Ate Something Poisonous! What Should I Do?

Pet poisoning is a scary experience, for both pet owners and for pets. Knowing what to do can save the life of your pet. Our Long Island veterinarian provides advice on what you should do in case your pet eats something toxic.

Dog with a tummy ache after eating human food.

Pet poisoning is common, unfortunately. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center handled 180,639 animal poison-related emergencies in 2016.

The best thing you can do is prevent pet poisoning by identifying the most common pet poisons and putting them where your pet cannot reach them The ASPCA lists its top ten pet toxins in 2016:

  1. Human prescription drugs, including heart medications, antidepressants, and medications for ADHD
  2. Over-the-counter products, especially ibuprofen
  3. Food, such as onions, garlic, and alcohol
  4. Veterinary products
  5. Household products, such as paint, glue, and cleaning supplies
  6. Chocolate
  7. Insecticides
  8. Mice and rodent poisons
  9. Plants, such as aloe, certain types of lilies, and begonias
  10. Garden products

East  Veterinarian Describes What to do in Cases of Pet Poisoning

Remove any remaining toxins from your pet’s reach. This prevents the poisoning from becoming worse.

Determine what your pet ate; assess how much your pet ate, if possible. Treatment for pet poisoning relies largely on the substance ingested. In other words, your veterinarian will need to know what your pet ate in order to tell you what to do.

Do not induce vomiting unless directed to do so by a veterinarian who knows what your pet has ingested. Forcing a pet to vomit at the wrong time can actually make your pet’s condition worse.

Contact our All Friends Veterinary Hospital veterinarian at (631) 277-8700 during regular business hours; call Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island at (631) 587-0800 during after hours. The sooner you contact a veterinarian, the better the outcome. It is safer for your pet and less expensive for you if your pet begins treatment before it develops symptoms.  If you cannot reach us, contact Pet Poisoning Hotline at 855-764-7661 or ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center’s 24-hour hotline at (888) 426-4435; charges may apply for using those hotlines. Be ready to provide information, such as your pet’s health history, weight, and recent medications.

Collect a sample of anything your pet may have vomited. The sample may provide information about the substance or substances your pet ingested.

Prepare your pet for transport to the veterinary hospital. If your pet is quiet, transport it in a pet carrier in the car. For maximum safety, have someone watch your pet as another person drives.

Contact Our Local Animal Hospital in East Islip, NY for More Information Today!

If your pet has eaten something that may be toxic, or if you would like more information on preventing pet poisoning, contact All Friends Veterinary Hospital. Our veterinary professionals are highly experienced at preventing and treating toxic ingestion. All Friends Veterinary Hospital is conveniently located at 84 East Main Street in East Islip, NY. Call our East Islip veterinarian at (631) 277-8700.

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  • "I can not say enough about these wonderful people. Dr. Reda is the most compassionate veterinarian I have ever met. My beloved dog passed from cancer, but they were there every step of the way with any questions or concerns, even when they were oh vacation and I was totally distraught about it, they made sure to address my concerns and never made me feel like I was crazy. There should be more people like Dr. Reda and his staff in this business. I am forever grateful for all of you."
    Patricia Schwartz / East Islip, NY
  • "Dr. Reda and his staff are amazing!! Dr. Reda is the most compassionate vet I have ever met. He took wonderful care of a feral cat I brought in today. And Chauntelle was so brave handling this cat..I am so grateful for their expertise and professionalism."
    Jackie S.
  • "I am happy with the veterinarians response to most issues. The staff is kind and caring and they usually see you the day you called. They're always happy to do refills by phone."
    Stephen B.
  • "I had such a good experience when I brought in a feral cat family during a TNR mission that I returned a month later when I adopted two of the kittens. Dr. Reda is simply a wonderful veterinarian. I appreciate his well-informed, holistic approach to treatment. He & his staff take the time to give me plenty of information and answer all my questions, while doing everything they can to minimize any distress and discomfort my cats experienced during the visit. In short, if you are looking for a vet that is highly knowledgeable, accessible, and compassionate, I cannot recommend All Friends highly enough."
  • "Dr. Reda and his staff are so thorough and caring with my dog. I've never had a vet that I really trusted before now that makes me feel like my dog and family's best interests are at heart. Thank you All Friends for making everything easier for my dog and family."
    Michelle T.
  • "Best veterinarian! Very pleasant and wouldn't go anywhere else. Staff is very pleasant too."
    Lynn M.
  • "Had a great experience at All Friends Veterinary today.
    Dr. Reda and his staff quickly diagnosed our Dog's issue. They were very accommodating and compassionate. I would highly recommend his services."
    Steven P.

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